Memories & Rememberence

Wishing My Mom Joyce Mae Shaak Newton Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming and I have been catching myself thinking about  you Mom often these days. You left us many years ago when I was a little girl of ten. I still remember the way you looked, your smile, the way you laughed and spoke. Most of all I remember your love for me, Teddie, and Kathie. The love you had for your family. I remember your good heart and the way you gave to others.

I remember the birthday cakes you would bake for us on our birthdays and the cupcakes that we would take to school to share with our classmates. Mine would be chocolate with sprinkles, the sprinkles where always my favorite. You would also take our picture and have it printed in the paper in the announcements.

I remember when the whole family would get together at Grandpa and Grandma Shaak’s old house for all the Holidays. How when the weather was nice the cousins would play in the backyard on the swings amongst the trees and Grandma’s flower beds, I believe you and your sister and brothers also played on those same swings.  I also remember when we would get scolded for being in those flowers beds, Grandma Shaak loved her flowers. I also remember sitting in the kitchen on those occasions watching Grandma, Aunt Kathryn, Aunt Alice and you cooking up the unforgettable meals we would have. When the food was ready and the tables set, we would all sit down, the cousins and I at the kid’s table of course, and I can still hear Grandpa Shaak saying grace.

I remember you putting a chair up to the sink so I could help you with dishes. You would let me rinse.

I remember hearing you call for us from the backyard at supper time and when the street lights came on because we were playing at a friend’s house. We also knew we better come the first time or there would be consequences.

I remember my first perm. I was 6 or 7. One of our babysitters, Susie was her name, was enrolled in a cosmetology school. You took me there and Susie gave me my first perm. I also remember the outfit I was wearing when you took pictures of me with my perm.

I remember you and Aunt Kathryn were our Sunday school teachers when we were younger. We would have our lessons and on special occasions, like Mother’s Day, we would make special gifts. I also remember going to the Mother & Daughter Banquets. I especially remember the last one we went to. We won a geranium. I remember that last Mother’s Day every time I see geraniums, they also have a special place in my heart.

I also remember when God called you to Him. It was a somber and heavyhearted day. We were all in Aunt Kathryn’s kitchen grief-stricken with tears of sorrow on our cheeks with the knowledge of not having you anymore. I feel the same pain of that day while I am typing this.

I wanted to let you know you are not forgotten, but missed and loved every day. I know you are watching over me and with me always.

I Love You Mom,

Your Daughter,


PS:  I know you have met our Larry. I hope you love him as much as we do.

I know God sent you Elizabeth to care for until I can be with you all.

yellow rose



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