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My Review of “Carter Reed” by Tijan

This was the first book I have read by Tijan. I was genially surprised. I am not usually this taken with the first book of of a new author to me.   Emma and Reed’s story intriguing and dramatic. You get to see Emma go from an insecure and guarded girl, to a confident and strong mined woman. You also watch has she becomes sexually sensual and adventurous with Reed’s guidance.

Carter Reed is definitely on top of my book boyfriend list.Handsome, strong, mysterious and possessive. He protects with a vengeance. He is also generous and kind. The sexual chemistry between Reed and Emma is explosive, sensual, and mind blowing. besides the sex you fell the love,loyalty, protectiveness Carter and Emma have for each other.

I do recommend when you read this book you have a bowl of ice with a fan behind blowing on you and extra panties.

I am giving this read:  Five_Flames

***I was given this book for an honest review.***



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