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My Daughter Laurie’s 30th Birthday

Thirty years ago I brought into this world the first of two beautiful daughters. it was a rough go at it but well worth the struggles. First I was sick the whole time I was in labor…and I mean sick. Next, every time Doc came in to check on me he would change the TV channel to the Indy 500…really pissing me off. Then to top everything off…after 24 hrs of puking and arguing with Doc…they finally decided to break my water. Guess what? Daddy Larry was off at the airport making a purchase. I asked for them to wait, but of course they didn’t. It so happened Larry walked in as Laurie Lu Ellen crowned. So at 2:30 pm we had our 6lbs. 14ozs. 19 1/2″ baby girl…they also told me she would be small, 5 lbs. small…she showed them how wrong they were.
Today she has grown into a beautiful woman. She has a big heart, is generous, loving, and has a wicked sense of humor, naming a few of her attributes.
Happy Birthday Laurie Lu Ellen. I love you and I am proud you are my daughter.

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